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Currently on my easel.

Roses Painted in Acrylics- photorealism - by Erika Lozano

(WIP) Progress Photo 6/17/18 Working my way from right to left.

Currently on my easel. These roses are just absolutely the most beautiful shades of orange, pink and corals. I was working on peonies but had to stop and just paint these lovely roses. Not sure of the exact rose name.

I began this painting with a light coral background and actually took the time to sketch the roses out. I normally just wing it and start painting from the center out but since it was three, I wanted to make sure to get the proportions right. After putting down the first layer of color I have decided to work from right to left. Usually I am all over the place but decided to be somewhat neat and patient this time. This is a rather large painting, 30" x 40" so I am going to make it count!.

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